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6yr old tired all the time
koon72 posted:
New to the boards here, thanks in advance to any advice. My 6 yr. old daughter has started falling asleep and repeatedly telling us that she is tired all day long. This child has NEVER done anything like this. My wife and I actually stopped giving her naps early (before age 2) because getting her to sleep at night was so difficult. It is not much better now LOL. Anyways in the last 10 days or so she would just tell us she is tired and then goes and lies down somewhere and goes to sleep. This could happen as soon as she wakes up in the morning or in the middle of day. Then 2 nights ago she had a friend over at the house and even fell asleep when they were there. This is so out of character for her it has us greatly concerned. I wouldn't say she is hyper-active but she normally is an extremely active little girl. Went to the pedi. yesterday and she said nothing that was helpful. Just said "she looks and acts healthy". Her 9 mo. old sister has just recovered from double ear infections but the 6yr. olds ears are fine per the pedi. Anybody else ever experience something like this? Is it possibly just growing spurt related? How much longer should we wait this out before we should get really concerned?
lobermann responded:
My DD had this happen to her and it turned out that her iron count was low so she had to take some medicine(I think it was just liquid iron) to build it back up. And then her pedi told me to just give her vitamins with iron in them and to make sure she eats iron rich food. I hope this helps.
mich7803 responded:
I agree with PP. She could be anemic. Does she take vitamins? If not, I would start giving her some with iron (I think they all have it!) and do as the last post says, give her foods rich in iron and see after a week or two, if she perks up. If not, then I would definatelly see her pedi about it. Good luck and I hope it works for her!!
koon72 responded:
Thanks for the advice. Got her back on her daily vitamin and she seems to have picked right up. She went all weekend with out napping or even saying she was tired. Mom and girls flew out last night to go back East, so she will be keeping a eye on her while they are gone. Thanks again
jpaskon2 responded:
It looks like you've solved the problem, but the only other thing I can think of is has she recently had Fifth Disease? My DS had it and for months afterwards he was just always tired and lethargic which was also out of character for him. His pediatrician said that it is rare, but in some kids, the disease lingers for weeks or months afterwards making them very tired and achey. You may not have even noticed the 5th disease as it's relatively unnoticeable aside from having bright red cheeks (like someone slapped them) and a rash on the torso. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
koon72 responded:
She seems to be doing fine on vacation (according to my wife) and she was definitely better before they left. I don't remember either of those symptoms of 5th disease before when all of this was going on, we will keep an eye out for it. Thanks

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