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Cut the School Morning Rush
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Rushing my kids comes to no good end. They get slower. Things get forgotten. The more we rush-the later and more stressed the morning becomes for the whole family.

One tip that has worked for me is to ask my slow poke son whether he wants to shower the night before or in the morning before his sister. He chooses before his sister because he knows it irritates her to wait. She is an early riser.

Why does this help my morning? He knows he loses the morning shower "privilege" if he is pokey about getting up and in the shower. Once he showers, he is moving. He gets dressed right away and then gets his breakfast.

What are your morning school rush tips?
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jkncrawford responded:
I have found if I do the majority of my morning at night then my morning is not as hectic/rushed & it goes more smoothly & is less stressful.

This includes all baths taken at night (except for me mainly because of my hair style), clothes are laid out in the same spot day after day which includes their shoes (we use to spend a lot of time in the morning looking for shoes). Backpack is already loaded with belongings and lunch money or if they are taking their lunch anything that does not need to be refrigerated overnight is already in the lunchbox from the night before.

I also get my kids up at separate times. I started this because the boys would get up at the same time & start playing with each other instead of getting dressed.

Both boys eat breakfast at school which really, really helps with the morning rush.

Great topic.
Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to jkncrawford's response:
You are super organized Jkn. My partner makes lunch the night before for the one child who takes a child and puts it in the fridge.

I like the idea of getting them up at separate times. I wish I had considered that when the kids were smaller and they were more tempted to play together-even now actually.

My youngest is a slow eater and often is led astray by her brother into playing or talking about some game they both enjoy.
mom2quads responded:
Having three 7 year olds that know how to push each other's buttons in the morning, I try to detour them from being in the same room while getting around.

I also try to do a lot of the morning stuff at night. Laying out clothes, shoes, getting backpacks ready, getting everything laid out for lunches (then I just have to warm up whatever they want as main course and toss in the bag). My best friend does mostly the same thing except as she gets one child up, she dresses them, brushes teeth, fixes hair, then sits them at the table for bk...then goes and gets the next one up and does it all over again. She has four girls, however...two are elementary age and two are still toddlers. I have tried this approach, and I will admit, it does make the morning smoother, but they are also almost 8 years old and I would like to think I can tell them to get dressed, shoes on, teeth brushed, and let me fix their hair without a fuss. Doesn't usually happen....but a girl can dream.

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Cut the School Morning Rush
Rushing my kids comes to no good end. They get slower. Things get forgotten. The more we rush-the later and more stressed the morning ... More
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