Shaking with Excitement
MommyofTaylor posted:
My 3 1/2 year old daughter's hands shake and twist back when she sees something exciting. Her whole body stiffens up. Is this normal? It's been occurring since she was 18 months or 2 years old. It's very obvious when it happens, and it occurs quite a few times throughout the day now. She has no other symptoms or problems and seems to be developmentally okay. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

hariseldon60 responded:
Overall sounds pretty normal to me unless she is doing something else in addition and it doesn't last for a significant time afterwards. Kids have some odd reactions at times, though the repetitious nature and normal behaviour before and after would make me this is just one of her things. She doesn't seem to in pain or holding her breath or losing focus when it happens?

Ask your doctor and see if you can reproduce it for them in the office the next time you are in for something.
MommyofTaylor responded:
Thank you for your response! She doesn't seem to be in pain when it occurs, or any other problems. Perhaps it is just one of her things. Next time we take her to the doctor I'll see if we can show it to them. Thanks again so much for putting my mind at ease!
michelle197435 responded:
my daughter is 8 and she has been doiing this since she was two. any info, michelle1@lbtdsl/com please email this sounds idenical and ive never met anyone whos had this
jakebrimommy responded:
my baby girl is 15 months old and has been doing the same thing since she could lol Her legs lock straight out and she sounds opens her mouth and acts like she is gonna say something but never does. She also twists her hands around and she shakes. As long as she is developmentally where she shound be I would say it is nothing to be concerned about. My ped said she was just fine. Hope this helps.
Minnesotamomof4 replied to michelle197435's response:
My daughter is 6 1/2 and will hold her hands up to her mouth (typical), forehead of grab her knee and pull it up and tense up and shake when excited, watching tv, playing with her toys, etc. Shes done this since she was around 1-1 1/2. Shes as smart as a whip and healthy.. but it makes me think she may be autistic (the onely reasoning Ive found online). I guess these are common symptoms in autistic children. Something to ask about anyway. My daughter has some days where she does this 100 times a day (like today).. and other days where it happens maybe 5-10 times. Its pretty odd to watch her do. I also would love more info, if someone has a diagnosis. Thanks!
Minnesotamomof4 responded:
Check into autism.. the spectrum is quite wide.. but thats the only reasoning I have found.
Indiaguerita replied to Minnesotamomof4's response:
Flapping hands during excitement and "shaking" does not sound like anything except for an excited kid.

I have a son with Autism and he twirls his hands and flaps randomly all day...not just when he is excited.

Plus, there's no other mention of Autistic markers.

-Does she make eye contact?

-Does she have trouble playing with other children?

-Does she dislike changes in her routine?

-Does she have a speech or learning delay?

-Does she tantrum for no apparent reason?

-Does she play with toys in a "normal" manner or does she hold them close to her face and spin the parts?

If she has any of these other signs, then it could possibly be Autism. But the hand flapping alone does not make it Autism.
kmom3ty replied to Indiaguerita's response:
My son has been doing this since he was 6 months old. It comes and goes, but pretty much does it every day. We took him to a specialist and it is not autism. He called it a Stereotypic movement disorder and if becomes a problem when starting school there is medicine for it. Most kids grow out of it and or it changes to something else. I still worry kids will make fun of him and really want a second opinion
shannyne replied to Indiaguerita's response:
^^^ this is true...above---Ive seen & been around many children with special needs, disabilities etc, my nephew on the autism spectrum (which is very wide) & an autistic child or children that have characteristics of autism. not necessarily represent all of those symptoms daily, or all at once. There may be triggers, over stimulus, etc...symptoms may change over time & New things may develop. A child can show different types of characteristics from different parts of the spectrum.