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    Hives or Chicken Pox.
    mariaf311 posted:
    Six days ago, my 3 year old woke up from a nap with a rash. For the most part, slightly raised, tiny bumps. For the most part, spread out. He was scratching his stomach and back of his head. I saw some spots on his belly and the back of his head was red. He was annoyed so I gave him a bath to take a better look and to wash off anything that may be bothering him. The only thing he had that MIGHT have been different was a glass of pomegranate/blueberry juice several hours earlier. I gave him benadryl, he seemed fine. The next morning, rash was more spread, arms, legs, back and he had a few on his face and tip of his nose. They are even on the tops of his hands, though nothing between fingers or on feet. We went to the Dr to rule out Chicken Pox. She said it was not Chicken Pox because it went blanch. She said it was hives and that it could last up to two weeks. It's almost a week, he still has this rash, he still scratches. There are teeny scabs on the ones he's scratched. And I am pretty sure there are new spots, it's just hard to really tell. And everything I read says it is hard to diagnose Chicken I am wondering if this can just be a mild case of Chicken Pox. I guess I am having a hard time believing hives can last this long, still itch and still--MAYBE--produce more "spots". He seems fine, just itchy on occasion...and I am probably going to make another call on Monday---just to get their opinion. I have calamine lotion that I have been using for the itch, as well as benadry at night. What are your thougts?
    mariaf311 responded:
    I wanted to make a revision ... And everything I read says it is hard to diagnose Chicken Pox before DAY I am wondering if this can just be a mild case of Chicken Pox....
    mariaf311 responded:
    Also, some areas look like dry patches of skin.
    Dr__Parker responded:
    Hmmm.. I would really need to eyeball the rash to be of help. - Allergic hives can indeed last for a while and often the cause is never found. - Chicken pox is certainly possible, especially since if a child has been immunized against it, the rash that arises can look atypical. - How itchy is it? Could it be scabies? Just some unidentified flying thoughts. See what your pedi thinks is going on.
    mariaf311 responded:
    I would say he's not bothered by the itch, at least day 8 was much better than day 2. It's worse after a bath or when he's hot--like the middle of the night, just like his Pedi said. His trunk is better, but his legs are still sensitive to the bath as that didn't go over to well tonight. So I started to feel somewhat better that this is perhaps just hives. Parts of his body feels like a patch of dry skin so I put Eucerin on it tonight. Sounds like the pedi was right and I probably should second guess. I just find it odd that hives could last this long. Now to address teh scabies issues--his Pedi mentioned scabies....but she said with the way the rash came on--she highly doubted it. But to watch between fingers and such for new rash, which has not happened. Now, coincidentally, my daughter developed a runny nose/cold two days ago, a fever yesterday, today I found 8 pimple like bumps on her butt cheeks. They don't itch. Typically, how does chicken pox start out with immunized children? Just curious cause I have 3 kids and watch 2 neighbor kids after school.

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