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cjl0510 posted:
My DS is 5 months old. We didn't give him a binkie until he was 2-3 months old. Before that he would cry so much we thought it was colic, now I think that he is just one of those babies that needs something to suck on. My question is.. I am afraid to get him soo attached to his binkie that he won't be able to sleep without it. Should I start weaning it from him now? It's gotten to the point he wakes up when if falls out at night.. and I really don't want to have to keep getting up to put his binkie back in. But he falls right to sleep with it, and won't without it. Any suggestions would help!
mom2aboy3 responded:
hi from one parent to another my son too did not have a binkie till he was about 1 in half months old only reason we gave him one was cause he was premie and all his pedi told us he should have one that there was studies out there that sugguested they might possibly help in preventing sids in infants rather that is a myth or not im not sure but what i can say is you can try to wing him off it but i didnt have too much problems with winging my son off when he was 18 months old as matter of fact he woke up one moring and just threw all of his binkies out we had so many cause hed just loose them but we found like six of them day before then he threw them out we took him to store and he got a new toy so what im saying is i might wait til round 1 well good luck i hope i didnt scare you
beachgirl64 responded:
All my kids used a binkie, 3 of them gave it up before age one. I just stopped offering it to them. If they cried alot for it, I would give it to them.

One of my kids became totally attached to it, wanted it 24/7. I really didn't care if she had it to sleep, but I didn't want her walking around with it all the time.

So around age 2 we banned it to the bedroom. We put a shelf over her bed, placed the binkie on it and explained to her, she could have it whenever she wanted it, but she had to sit on her bed with it. It took about a week of us reminding her to sit on her bed with it, before she did that all the time.

She slept with it every night until she was about 4. She came home from pre-school one day and said "I don't need this any more", then proceeded to throw it away. Don't you just love peer pressure sometimes!!

I asked the dentist about binkie use and teeth and was told it really doesn't cause any problems until a child is 5 yrs old, then it will effect the teeth.

Good luck.
Andrew Adesman, MD replied to beachgirl64's response:
Binkies don ot cause dental problems in infants or toddlers so you do not have to worry about this. Likewise, binkies may reuce the incidence of SIDS (crib death). I do not think you need to take it away, though your son will get used to whatever. Some parents prefer to encourage thumb-sucking since the thumb is always "handy" (sorry -- bad pun).

Bottom line: make a decision and go with it. If you want to terminate the binkie, know that there may be a few rough nights but your son will adjust. If you want to continue to support it, then just do so knowing that there will be no long-term benefits (if it is stopped by age 5), and that there may also be some benefit.

Let us know what you decide.

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