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Bug bites won't heal (apo Skin)
aprilofvt posted:
I have a 4 yo child in my home daycare. She has sensitive skin and is a digger/scratcher. During Memorial Day Weekend (yes, in May) she got some mosquito bites. Because she scratches, we have to put bandaids all over her and they still, after three months, haven't gone away.

Late in the summer, I found bumps under her armpit that did not appear to be bug bites. Despite having just seen the dr., I asked the parent to have her checked because I suspected molluscum, which she had had a case of a year prior. The area under her arm has been coverered and treated with Aldera; the lesions have minimized and I haven't seen any clusters elsewhere on her body.

Because of the scratching and molluscum, I have insisted that mom keep any and all bumps, suspicious or not, covered. She has done so. However, I am concerned that something could be going on other than just her scratching since she STILL has the bites and is bandaged all the time (though she still gets to some of them). The bug bites are now purple bumps with scar tissue; they do not appear to be growing or mulitplying (unless she gets more bites!)

Is it possible the scratching alone has caused them to heal slowly? What about those that have been well covered? Are there any skin conditions that reduce the skins ability to heal?

She is otherwise healthy; eats a good diet, is an appropriate weight, etc. I want this to end...all of the bandages that we have to plaster her with are causing rashes. And the sensitive skin ones fall off!

Can you offer any advice? Are their skin covering products other than bandages that would strop the scratching or speed healing?

Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
I would recommend the parents take the child to see a pediatric dermatologist if it was my child. Some kids bug bites do take time to heal but a constant case with a rash is concerning especially with the molluscum.
burnettracer responded:
Please help! i have taken my 5 year to 3 doctors and 2 specialist including infectious desease control. It has all been a waste of time. He has these bites on him that will not go away. He has had them since March. For some reason the dermo is not understanding what i say when i tell her it is the exact same bite. They think i am crazy and do not know my child. I am sorry at that age you know every inperfection. Why dont they understand. They tell me to try and dust his room, but again they are not understanding it is the exact same bite. He has 3 under his left armpit, 2 on his side, one on his testical and about 13 on his ankle. I have to keep his ankle cover completely so he doesnt cause staph or in his case mrsa becuase of all the antibiotics they have used to treat him. I dont know what to do. I will take him anywhere. I just want him to heal.

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