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    trouble playing with groups of kids
    buffdaddy34 posted:
    Hi all. My son is 6 yrs old,(ADHD - but good behavior on his meds) and is a wonderful son, except in a specific circumstance. When he plays in a group of kids, if they aren't playing with him or what he wants to play - he ends up with lots of name calling and generally bad behavior. This is usually a problem after supper/later on =in the evenings. This leads to alot of stress between my girlfriend and I as it can ruin our family evenings /evenings with friends.

    IS is just a matter of that his ritalin (1 dose in the morning) has worn off and the hyper/impulsivity is back? I

    Any thoughts
    1986_Phelan_Mae responded:
    Well that particular med usually is long lasting, it may just be that its getting late in the evening, his body is starting to wear down and that his mind and body are compenstating for the lack of energy. I would advise a "quite time" in the evening where insted of outside play time, that he stay inside, watch a movie, play a game with you, just wind down for the evening. He'll probably throw a fit and want to go outside, but stand your ground and distract him with other fun things to do.

    good luck :)
    buffdaddy34 replied to 1986_Phelan_Mae's response:
    There is no lack of energy. He can't sit still and watch a movie. Its ok in summer we can go for a bike ride or play basketball, but in winter or rainy days we're kinda stuck inside my small basement suite. ANd its not eay to distract him when the meds wear off - that makes him both hyper and loses his ability to focus.
    Andrew Adesman, MD replied to buffdaddy34's response:
    It is impossible to know how long his medication should be lasting. Typically, Ritalin tablets last about 4 hours, Ritalin SR tablets last about 6 hours, Ritalin LA capsules last about 8 hours, Focalin XR capsules last about 10 hours, and Concerta caplets last about 12 hours. Of course, these are just averages, and there is considerable variability among children.

    If you think the medication has worn off, you can ask your doctor about either changing the morning medicine to something that would last longer, or you could ask about adding a short-acting pill in the afternoon on an as-needed basis. (If your child has difficulty swallowing pills, they also make a lqiuid and chewable form of short-acting Ritalin formulation called Methylin.

    Good luck, and let me know if you need more info about meds.

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