baby turned blue
trime48 posted:
Last night my baby started falling asleep while she was sitting in her bumbo chair. She wasnt choking and she just looked like she was falling asleep. Well that set off some alerts in my head because less than 5 minutes before she was alert, awake and being a perky 8 month old. So my husband picked her up out of the chair and she laid her head on his chest and went back to sleep. I checked her pulse, breathing, checked if she was choking or having an allergic reaction, and everything was ok. Then I looked up and saw that around her mouth was turning blue, her lips were still pink and the rest of her face and body were still pink. I slapped her leg to wake her up and she didnt get up right away, she slowly got up and started to fall back asleep again. so I put her in the car, had my husband keep her awake and drove to the ER that was 2 minutes away. All her tests came back normal and they said it was acid reflux, and that seizures are "highly unlikely". I dont understand how acid reflux would cause a loss of consciousness and cyanosis.
momuv4girls responded:
IMHO, I would take her to her pediatrician and explain what happened and why you are concerned.

I think this deserves a follow-up visit for sure !!

Take care,
gv215 responded:
omg! i hope she's ok now. what made you rethink that tho?? i mean i guess it seemed as tho she was just falling scary. i hope she's doing better