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my five-year-old son avoids eye contact when an adult talks to him
An_222016 posted:

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triss84 responded:
I do not think it has to do with either one. My son was a premie and never had a problem and immature doesn't seem to be a cause in my mind either. I babysit a child who is 7 and will not, no matter what make eye contact... not to be defiant, it clearly makes him over whelmed
Andrew Adesman, MD responded:
Gaze avoidance can reflect shyness in a child who is otherwise completely social and appropriate with peers and familiar adults. On the other hand, if there are issues with lanaguage and/or play skills, or if your child has unusual interests or reptitive behaviors, then I would encourage you to confer with your pediatrician and possibly see a developmental pediatrician since gaze avoidance in the context of these other signs is suggestive of a more significant and posisbly "pervasive" developmental disorder. Good luck.