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Long car trip with a baby
An_222035 posted:
we're traveling approx. 16 hours with a 3 yr, 2 yr and and a 3 month old. We'll leave very early in the am, and kids should sleep some. is there anything natural I can give the 3 month old to relax him? any tips or advice?
FCL responded:
Personally, I'd be more worried about the other two :)

From my experience, small babies tend to drift off to sleep pretty easily in the car (I have a friend who had a baby who would never sleep and when he got desperate, he drove the baby around for 20 minutes or so and Hey Presto!). Toddlers, on the other hand, get bored very quickly (the famous "are we nearly there yet?" started at that age - lol).

Good luck to you. Personally, I doubt I could stand a trip that long with children ...
seeit2 responded:
Just be prepared to stop a lot. I've done it with kids of similar ages and without DVD players and all that other stuff...and you certainly don't need meds of any sort. Like PP said, the baby will probably snooze a lot. If you can stop and let everyone have a break every few hours it will help a lot...for the older kids especially. Our family road trip philosophy is "never pass a playground". :)
eastcoastbeachgirl responded:
Is there any way you can drive overnight? When my kids were little and we were traveling a long way by car, I would leave just about their bedtimes and drive all night.

There are 2 benefits to this, first they sleep pretty much the entire way, between being their usual sleep time and the motion of the car and second, there is much less traffic on the road.

The biggest draw back to doing this is if you are alone, there is no way for you to stop for a rest/bathroom break for yourself. I always had another adult with me, so this wasn't a problem, we would just take turns going into the rest stop.

As PP said, plan on stoping alot with young children. I pretty much doubled the usual drive time when going with young children.

Good luck.
Roy Benaroch, MD replied to eastcoastbeachgirl's response:
Great ideas!

I'd add: safety first-- make sure the driver isn't distracted w/ mirrors, and can concentrate JUST on driving. If AV equipment, DVD players, games, whatever have to be dealt with, that's 100% the non-driver's job.

Bring a lot of toys so they can be rotated and changed frequently, including some new stuff.

I like the "never pass a playground" philosophy! But I'm not too keen on those play-things at fast food restaurants-- how can they possibly clean in there? But sometimes any port in a storm is welcome, so bring some hand sanitizer for afterwards.
seeit2 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
Heh, it's funny, I didn't even think of the fast food play places - one "benefit" of having a kid with food allergies is you can drive right on by every McDonald's on the planet and nobody cares because they've never eaten there. But I agree, the ones I've seen look pretty icky.


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