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Can't supinate left wrist since birth.
Jondavid770 posted:
I am a 23 yr old male and this condition affects my left arm. I was never able to touch my shoulder with that hand. Also when I am given change from a drive through window the change will likely fall out of my hand unless I want to point my elbow in real far to flatten out my palm. Which looks very strange. I also believe that this is why my wrists and forearms are so skinny. The rest of my body is of regular size for my age but I was never able to work out my arms much because my left one can never keep up with my right one when I bench press and stuff. It will start to tingle like there is some sort of nerve damage. My mom told me when I was born I got stuck inside of her for a little bit I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I really need to find some information on this nothing much on the net and this is a very frustrating condition. I can also not play a guitar because of this unless the guitar is in an akward looking vertical position due to not being able to wrap my hand around the neck of it. I can't face my palm up at all with that arm and if I try to help it with my other hand the bones wont allow it to turn any more.
brandnewmom responded:
You aren't the only one. I've read on here a couple of times in the past that other people were posting about the same type of condition.
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
You need to visit an orthopedist, aiming for a hand/upper extremity specialist. Most big orthopedic groups have a "hand guy" -- (not meaning to be sexist here, but the vast majority of orthopods are men). If you're not getting good answers, see the hand specialist at a University-affiliated medical center.

Best of luck.
evanwat responded:
It could be
Congenital Radiounlar Synostosis. I have it. It only affects my left arm.

evanwat responded:
Oh, and one more thing. I also wanted to play guitar, but I have to play left handed guitar even though I am right handed. I use my right hand to do the change thing. You will just have to adjust. I got it checked out and seems there is not really a good surgery to get done. Hope this helps.
zacarizona replied to evanwat's response:
You guys are lucky....... I cannot turn BOTH hands. And I also wanted to play guitar 32 years ago !! That SUCKS !
jonjon404 replied to zacarizona's response:
Evan I think you might be right thanks for the info.
Jbroussard68 replied to zacarizona's response:
My father has never been able to turn either wrist to face palm up. He taught himself to play guitar, but he plays with his hand on top of the guitar neck, instead of under the neck.
An_247207 responded:
could be due to erb's paralysis....but i want to know how to train at the gym with such a condition...because i suffer from a similar condition and am unable to do most excercises thus making my right arm and body weaker and identifiably limp....! any clue how and where to get ecersising tips from ? because my local gym instructor is a looser and has worsened my condition!!
Tyler199887 replied to zacarizona's response:
Same here.... My dad has it two. I have it worse those but I can't turn both wrist and my arms are not completely straight. I had to play guitar in 8th grade and I couldn't do it. Also I have to most my should and elbow to turn my wrist get get change and get soap... I am 15 and it does suck. I get made fun of all the time!

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