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How do you discipline your child?
Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP posted:
Every pediatrician and parenting expert I know agrees on one thing. Consistency with discipline is key. It's how children learn.

If I don't pick up my toys when Mommy asks, I won't be able to play with them for a while.

If I don't get into my car seat so Mommy can buckle me in, we can't go to the park.

Sound simple? Not always. Sometimes, in the moment of frustration (cue the tantrum), it may seem easier to just give in. Don't do it. Inconsistency in discipline actually leaves children confused and insecure.

Here is a PLAN you can enact for discipline that is more consistent:

P: Pick your battles. Choose one major behavior to modify at a time, such as hitting or biting. Devote an entire week to each troubling behavior you are trying to change.

L: Light at end of tunnel. Focusing on the end result can help you get through the tough times, when you're debating whether to push forward and deal with an unhappy toddler, or cave under pressure.
Tip: Don't go back once you start. Keep trudging ahead. It's worth it!

A: All caregivers on the same page. Each caregiver should follow the same rules. Have a meeting so everyone can agree (or compromise). Write down the rules and post them as a reminder to all.

N: Nurture success. Use praise and encouragement for the desired behaviors. Offer hugs, kisses, stickers, and other small rewards when you catch your child doing well. Don't forget that he watches you and follows your lead. So demonstrate good behavior, respect, and kindness to those around you -- always.

How do you discipline your child? Any tricks to share?

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