Simple Child Rearing Tips
melbournefreelancer posted:
Parenting has changed considerably since the time we were last biking down the countryside. These days the topic is inundated with, what I would term, e-wisdom, that tends to lean towards tech-oriented solutions, tips, and ideas. However, I do believe there are the simple tips that are overlooked, forgotten, or given the go-by in this frenzy to get with it and get techy. A very inane instance would be how freshly cooked home food has given way to processed foods or close, lifelong friendships have given way to the anonymity of social network "friends". I feel these forgotten tips have a lot to offer where healthy, happy childrearing is concerned, don't you think?

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Can old-fashioned childrearing tips be easily integrated into modern lifestyles?
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  • It would make kids more emotionally grounded.
  • It will confuse kids and leave them without an identity.
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  • It will be a huge bother for parents who have enough to do anyway
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