Sex after C-section, why does it hurt?
martinawilliams posted:
Im curious, why does sex hurt after you have a c section?
Indiaguerita responded:
Because you had your abdominal wall sliced open and then sewn back together. Not to mention the 7-10 pound baby that was ripped out of that 10 inch gash in your stomach.

Your abdominal has a lot of the muscles that you use during sex.

I had three c-sections. Sex does not feel good until about week six after your c-section. You are supposed to wait at least eight weeks after a c-section, anyways. The pain is almost gone after the eight weeks. (In my case, anyways.)

seeit2 responded:
If you are nursing then that can cause dryness, which will hurt like a bear. Your doc can give you cream that sort of helps.