2 Year Old Diagnosed with Strep Throat but No Fever?
HappyInME posted:
I brought my 2-year-old son to the Dr.'s office a few days ago for a totally unrelated issue. He woke up Monday morning, or should I say didn't wake up, so I woke him up, and he was almost unresponsive. He was limp and very lethargic. This has happened a few times before, always after a day of hardly eating anything. He's a super sleeper, and can sleep for up to 13 hours at night, usually 11-12. I was assuming that he was dehydrated for some reason, so I give him Pedialyte, feed him (because I know he's hungry because he hardly eats the day before) and he improves. This time the Dr.'s office was open, so I rushed him in. He was drinking very cold Pedialyte, and his temperature was 95 degrees. He has never had a fever in his life, but it's typically 98.6 or so. The Dr. said to just give him juice if it happens again, because he thinks it's related to sugar. That's pretty much all he said. He said that he would have his glucose tested if he were older. He kind of brushed it off, but I am really concerned. The Dr. was more concerned about whether there was another issue. He did throw up the night before, but he has reflux, so it's not that uncommon. He had been crabby for weeks, but he is getting his 2nd molars, so I assumed that that was it. He also is constantly putting his fingers in his mouth and hardly eating. So, the Dr. did a throat culture. The rapid one came back negative. But I got a call yesterday that the culture came back positive. What a shock! Is it really possible for a toddler to have strep throat, act kind of sick but not that sick, and have no fever? I am really questioning this right now. Also, should I seek a further evaluation of his episodes? I am very confused right now.
eastcoastbeachgirl responded:
It is possible to have strep without a fever. My second child never even had a sore throat with strep or a very mild one. She would have a tummy ache, then break out in a rash and wouldn't want to eat just sleep.

The first time this happened I found out by accident that she had strep, I was having her older sister checked out becasue she did have a sore throat and fever. The doctor did a strep test on both of them just to be sure. Oldest child positive on rapid, younger one positive on 24 hour culture.

It turned out we were never able to get rid of the strep in my younger daughter. A few days after finishing meds she would have symtoms again, I took back to the doctor, she would test positive for strep. After the 3rd round of meds she was spiking a fever and having a sore throat. I ended up taking her to an ENT doctor who kept her on a daily antibotic so she could attend school until her tonsils could be removed.

Good luck.
fiannakyn replied to eastcoastbeachgirl's response:
I know when I was little I had strep a lot and never ran a feaver.

Sometimes I would be very sick and sometimes, like PP posted, I was only Dxed cause the doc would test all of us at once if one has symtoms, usualy my brother. Just like the Flu or cold, you can diffrent levels of sickness.

And the legarthic episodes DOES sound like hypogycymic episodes. my husband was recently diagnosed with non diabetic hypogycemic episodes. It usualy happens at night after a day of not eating properly or if he's sick. His doc says they think its tyed to his reflux problems. We tested his blood sugar during an episode, and it was only 83, still "normal" but in the low ranges, his symtoms often are very tired, cold (gets Chills and his temp is around 96) and his stomach cramps. I keep Fruitcose tablets and juice around for a quick fix.

If having him drink some juice seems to help, then thats probably whats wrong.
HappyInME replied to fiannakyn's response:
Wow, fiannakyn, that sounds just like my son! His temp was low, he has reflux, and it happens after a day of not eating well. Also, usually when he's sick. Now on to my next question. Should I take him to a specialist of some sort? My doc seemed to brush it off.
fiannakyn replied to HappyInME's response:
I dont know about diabetes and small children, so I dont know what to tell you who/ when to see. :(

in adults I know its concidered a risk factor for type 2, (but everything else is also a risk factor for type 2) but otherwize not really harmful. DH's doc also "brushed it off" after checking his glucose.