ok i need help with my son being sick sugguestions please
mom2aboy3 posted:
my son has been sick for couple days now ive had like 3 maybe 4 hours of sleep for last couple nights hes had a fever off and on of and around 101.8 never reallly stays just is coming and going hes complaining of his head hurting his ears throat and he cant sleep im giving him tylenol i spoke with the nurse at his docs office she tole me to call in morning and get him an appt to see the doc and all but i guess my question is how do i get him to sleep so i can sleep also hes sneezing alot hes cranky too and not really wanting to drink alot hes eating fine though hes only 4 the nurse also said not to give him cold meds and that 4 yr olds dont get head aches is this true becuse my son has been telling us his head hurts sence he was 3 is this not normal
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mom2aboy3,

I hope your son is better today and you got some rest. Please keep us updated.
mom2aboy3 responded:
so i took him to see his pedi and she said he had a mild ear infection that didnt need an antibiotic and he had fluid in his ears that she thinks is caused from a cold that he has and if his temp gets to 102 to take him to urgent care if avaiable appts or to take him to emergency over the weekend so i guess its a waiting game to see if he gets better or worse by the way what is fluid in the ears anyone know