TTC over 1 year after a misscarriage
tilliet4u posted:
I was wondering if any one has any advice for me and my husband. we have been trying for over a year now to get pregnant after misscarrying 2 months into my previous pregnancy. any and all advice is welcome. oh yeah we have talked to the doc to but i feel like i am at a dead end and not getting anywere my little man needs a brother or sister or two.
mom2aboy3 responded:
have no sugguestions other then google the web md for sugguestions some thing i googled on this site was the ovulation calculator that goes from last menstration and all i to am trying to have a baby my lil guy wants a brother or sister or both lol so baby dust to you and ur family and to me and mine good luck
phoenix31674 responded:
I suggest a second opinion. They say if you have been TTC for more than a year, you should see a fertility specialist to figure out if you or your partner has a medical reason for infertility. Secondary infertility exists, so just because you had one baby doesn't mean something didn't change.
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
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