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7 month old
An_222085 posted:
My 7-month old baby gets what seem to be panic attacks. It's been going on for some time. She shakes very fast (sort of like trembling), flaps her arms, and stretches her legs out stiff. What is this?
momuv4girls responded:
Hard to say........but she could just be really upset.

It would be a good idea to take a video of her while she is having an episode, that way you can show her pedi what is going on.

Talk to her Dr. about this and share your concerns, that way he (or she) can offer some insight and perform any tests that they may feel necessary.

Take care,
Indiaguerita responded:
Does it seem like a seizure? I would have her evaluated by a pediatrician as soon as possible...

This kind of behavior or symptom is alarming.

mipis replied to Indiaguerita's response:
It's not a seizure. She moves her hands rapidly a lot. Otherwise she is an extremely happy baby...always smiling.
Indiaguerita replied to mipis's response:
Epilepsy has nothing to do with how happy she is. She gets stiff and flaps her hands around...that sounds indicative of a seizure.

I would still have her checked out by her pediatrician. It seems like a worrysome event.

Does it happen often?

sarahgrl responded:
If she stays upright during this and coherent then it's not a seizure. My almost 3 year old DD has, since before she was 1 yr old, done something similar to this and she does not have epilepsy or any signs of a seizure disorder. She has never done it because she's upset, usually she gets excited about something (seeing people dance and sing on tv really gets her going). If she is sitting down her jaw drops open stiff, her legs stick out straight, her arms fling out, and she shakes her hands (sometimes it looks like she's playing an air guitar). I worried for a while and even showed a video to her doctor since she would get completely stiff. Her doctor watched the video over and over and told me that seemed like just a reaction to a stimulus and nothing more. If it got worse as she got older we may need to see if there is something else at play (like terrets [sp?>), but so far it has almost gone away. Every now and then (maybe 1-2 times a week) she'll do it but it's usually because she gets excited about something and then she goes on about her business. She'll stay standing or sitting and is completely aware of her no seizures here. If you are really worried then bring it up to her pedi, but chances are that if she's coherent then she's not having seizures.
Roy Benaroch, MD replied to sarahgrl's response:
How do you know if a 7 month old is coherent? I'm not sure that's so easy to tell.

From the description, it could be a seizure, or maybe not. A videotape and more-thorough history of exactly when she does it, how long it lasts, how it stops, how she acts afterwards, and several other questions would probably settle it. I agree this needs to be reviewed, in person, with her pediatrician.
sarahgrl replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
Well, if while they do it you call their name and they can respond in some manner (i.e looking in your direction), then I would say they are coherent.

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