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double stroller--suggestions/advise PLEASE
Emmyl posted:
We have a 19 month old and a 3 month old. My husband doesn't really think a double stroller is neccesary, since anywhere we've gone the baby has riden in the regular stroller and the toddler has riden in the buggy at the store or walked. But it's winter, so we haven't gone anywhere outside or anywhere where we'd be doing a lot of walking. He thinks kids stop using strollers a lot earlier than they really do.

For those of you that have two little ones, or have had two little ones close together in age like that, did you/do you have a double stroller? Are they really necessary? what kind do you recommend? The side-by-side kind or the kind where one is behind the other? Also, any brands that are better than others?


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Wendy12345678 responded:
Have you considered the versions that have a place for a toddler to stand behind the stroller? That way he doesn't have to walk, but you don't have to get into a bulky situation.
seeit2 responded:
I have a Joovy Caboose. I bought it on Craigslist for a steal - which is good because I don't use it a ton. But I'm really glad I have 4 yr old (3 when I bought it) can ride on the back when she gets too tired to walk (like a day at the zoo etc) and the 1 yr old rides up front. I don't use it every day but I'm glad I have it.
phoenix31674 responded:
Mine aren't close in age, but DD still needed the stroller until she was about 3 if we were going to do any serious walking. The stand behind one might be a good option.

SIL's boys were 15 months apart, but she found the double too much of a hassle. With side by side they would mess with each other causing crying. With cockpit style the kid in the back was upset about not being able to see, so they ended up doing two singles. Of course most of the places she went to the mall or some such, MIL would go with her to lend a hand, so the two stroller option worked.

We'll get our first big test this summer when we take the family to Disney. Thankfully DS will only be about 8 months old and I can wear him when DD 4 needs to ride. In the future we'll probably have to just make her walk since he'll get too big to carry.
Emmyl responded:
Thanks all!

We really can't afford one right now, that's why I want to make sure it would be worth the money if we try to find one. I hadn't thought about craigslist. Maybe I'll look arounnd on there first. I really want to be able to take them places this summer, like the zoo, or downtown, or the mountains, etc. but i think it would be very difficult if we have to carry the baby or let the toddler walk or be carried. Might just get two smaller strollers instead of one big double stroller.

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