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Fear of Potty Training?
Laura Jana, MD posted:
One of the challenges we all face when helping children learn to use the potty is simply maintaining the proper perspective. I'm not talking about maintaining the proper attitude -- although that's definitely important -- but seeing things from a child's point of view. This includes understanding some of the more common potty-related fears that children may have. These include:

? The toilet flushing sound. As adults, I would imagine that the only time we're really conscious of the sound of a flushing toilet is if we're attempting to flush discretely -- like while talking on the phone, or if it's late at night. However, for young children this loud sound can be much more than just background noise -- in some cases causing outright fear of the flush. A flush-fearing child is not a child who is enthused about potty training. I made it a point to expose my children to flushing when they were very young, and then allowed them to flush for everyone in the family when they were toddlers. Who knows for sure if making them the family's official flushers kept them from fearing the flush? But I'm convinced it's a good idea.
? The cold, hard, mile-high adult toilet seat. When a child is afraid of sitting on the toilet, there are several options to help make them more open to potty training. First, it often helps if young children have simply seen the toilet being used by others. If they see you sitting on it, how bad can it be? Second, make use of child-safe step stools, potty rings, and potty seats to make the bathroom and the potty training experience more kid-friendly and welcoming.
? Painful poops. Having a bowel movement when constipated is painful. From a child's perspective, it only stands to reason that having a painful experience on the potty, even once, creates an association between potties and pain. That's why it's always important to consider what you're feeding your potty-training child, such as fiber and other stool-softening foods.

So there you have it? some of my potty training tricks-of-the-trade. Now I want to hear some of yours. What is/was your child afraid of in terms of potty training? What have you tried to help a child overcome their fears of using the potty?
MissLovely21 responded:
Hi my daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old she understands all about wiping, flushing, and has even sat on the big toilet and the little potty. My problem is I cannot get her to actually go pee or poo in the potty she will not release herself. She will hold it until I put the diaper back on her. She will not go in the tub or even in the pool she will do the pee dance until I put the diaper back on. I almost think she doesn't understand okay to actually let go and pee in that toilet bowel. Now I have showed her myself going and even bought the potty that plays music when the pee hits the bottom. I believe that she is ready for potty training because she takes her diaper off and wants to wipe and flush the toilet. Any suggestions on how to handle the situation? Thank you. Amber

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