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SHRIEKING 1-yr old
jennyannpulse posted:
Please help. I have a one year old who shrieks and screams for up to 12 hours per day. Everything upsets him. There is not one thing that causes this. Sometimes he can be playing quietly with his toys, or eating, or crawling around, or whatever, and he just starts screaming at the top of his lungs. There is no way to quiet him. After hours of this, sometimes I have to just put him in his bed- where he will continue to shriek for a long time. I get so upset sometimes; I get to the point where I am shaking and crying. I don't know what to do. The rest of my family is ready to give him away. Doctors continually dismiss us, and assure me that 'some babies are just more high-maintenance than others, and he will grow out of it.' I'm at my wits end. Please tell me what could be wrong with my child.
Stephensmom1214 responded:
Have you thought about taking him to a developmental pediatrician? Maybe he's having some sensory issues that are being overlooked by the regular doctor, but could be easily addressed with some physical therapy.

How does he sleep? My son was a terrible sleeper starting around 18 months (I think he only slept through the night consistently for about a year...), and then a year later was diagnosed with sleep apnea. He was a miserable baby because of lack of sleep.

I think you need to keep seeing doctors, and pushing for answers. Screaming all day long isn't normal, and it is more than "high maintainance." Good luck!
seeit2 responded:
Get him on video and bring it to the doc. If he blows you off again, get a new doc. I agree with PP - pursue it until you get some answers - and a developmental pedi is a great idea.
Indiaguerita responded:
Change doctors immediately. What a complete moron.

You need help NOW. I know...I had a baby that cried and shrieked for no apparent reason for nearly 20 hours a day. It took me four pediatricians to finally listen to me.

I'm not saying your child is or isn't, but my son was finally diagnosed with Autism after we found a pediatrician who would sit down with us and talk to us about what would be "normal" behavior for a typical two year old.

Get help. You need it. For your sanity. And for the baby.'re not alone. Trust me on that.


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