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using crushed paracetamol on open wound
me131 posted:
yesterday my child hit his head on a table corner he started to bleed, so i crushed some paracetamol and put it on the open wound, my mother used to do the same thing but today he is still complaining of pain. The whole wound has dryed with soe paracetomal dryed with it. is this wrong
thank you
kay_kay75 responded:
If the wound was bad enough you might have needed to take him to the ER to minimize scarring. If it is still bother him I would call his doctor and have him checked out.
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
I don't think crushed paracetamol (also called "acetaminophen") is likely to be harmful. However, it's not going to help at all-- that medicine has to be swallowed, absorbed by the gut, and processed in the liver to work. It will not relieve pain by being sprinkled in a wound.

I suggest you carefully read the label instructions on paracetamol and all other medicines, and use them the way they're instructed to be used unless told otherwise by a physician or other health professional.