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3 year old with noise sensitivity
RS11518 posted:
My son is now 3 1/2. He has developed normally, speaks well, plays normally... But around a year (or a year and a half) ago he started to show sensitivity to loud noises. First it started with fireworks. And many people told me that that is common and not really anything to worry about. He was potty trained almost a year ago and at that time started to show some fear of loud toilets. Which I have also heard is common, and so we didn't even think to mention this at his 3 year old check up. Now he will use a public bathroom, but often covers his ears when in one. He is terrified of those high pressure hand dryers. I don't force him to use it and I will flush the toilet for him if he is too scared. But some days his sensitivities are almost overwhelming to him. Loud trucks, cars, motorcycles and lanscaping equipment will scare him and he will cover his ears. His seems to be especially sensitive when he is tired. Today my babysitter told me that he heard a nearby weedwacker and ran to her crying. He had gone to bed late last night, and appeared very tired today. But even when he's not tired, he still covers his ears (though he doesn't seem quite as scared).

Anyone have any experience with this? Is it something I need to discuss with his doctor? He is going to the doctor on Friday for a flu shot and I plan to mention it then. Just not sure if it is something I need to push further.

I should also mention that I also have a 15 month old daughter. He is very good with his sister. His sensitivites did seem to worsen around her birth, though I did notice some of it before she was born. I don't really think it's related.

I should also mention, that he did go to see fireworks on the 4th of July, with earplugs and his hands over his ears. Besides covering his ears, he sat calmly and watched the fireworks without really showing any fear. It seems as though if he knows the noise is going to happen and he's ready for it, it is not as bad to him. But if it startles him, then he gets scared or even upset.
Olivetre responded:
My daughter is the same age and does the same thing. A few weeks ago she started tap and if she wasn't dancing she didn't like it because it was too loud and her friend (same age) is doing it also. My daughter did have two sets of ear tubes put in but they are now out so I'm not sure what made her so sensitive to loud sounds.

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