My 3 year olds have more clothes than mommy
crohn_girl posted:
My twin 3 year olds are spoiled. They each have around 100 articles of clothing. I keep telling their grandparents to stop giving them clothes as gifts (even just because gifts.) I ask them to give toys and books too but they have a lot of toys. But books would be great or stuff for them for when they are old and savings bonds. But, they love to send my girls new clothes. They even have skinny jeans and belly shirts which i deem inappropriate for 3 year old girls. Please help! I want everyone to stop sending them clothes even when I ask them nicely to stop sending clothes they don't listen to me. Any advice?
momuv4girls responded:
I would give the excess clothes to your local shelter, Goodwill or Salvation Army store - - sounds like the Grandparents won't stop sending them, so put them to good use somewhere else and don't worry about it.

fiannakyn replied to momuv4girls's response:
if they still have the tags on them and come from a store you have also near you (Like BRU or Penny's etc) then see about a return or extange posability. or selling at a consignment store/sale. Don't forget if you want to donate but want something that really will be useful (besides the shelters)- call your local Foster care office and ask where to donate to emergancy clothes closets.

If the grandparents comment that they never see the girls in the gifts, tell them "I appreciate you thinking of them all the time, but I told you they have enough clothes. I've been extanging them for things the girls can use/ donating them for kids that need them."

I have a slightly similar situation with my friends cause I am gonig to be fostering, and everyone wants to give me their kid's outgrown clothes! I have a LOT of random clothes for all ages and seasons, mostly 3rd or 4th hand. I've sorted out a few pieces to keep and donated a much more to the emergancy closets.
Vicky- Soon to be Foster parent! Lurking for advice.