Flu mist vrs. flu shot
baby1at35 posted:
The last couple years I have gotten the boys the flu mist vrs. the flu shot.
Just wondering if there any pros or cons to either one?
My decision on the flu mist was because they were very scared of a shot. They did fine with the mist.
phoenix31674 responded:
The flu mist is a weakened virus while the shot is a dead virus. As long as no one has a compromised immune system, there's not really any difference if they haven't had a problem with it. Last year we did the shot because DS was only a month old. This year we'll see what they offer for DD and myself.

DH prefers the shot because he's convinced the flumist makes him sick, but I think we just got over a bout of flu in the house. DS will get the shot because of his age. I can't recall if they offered both or not last year. I think they did.

I personally prefer the shot because I don't like the feeling of something squirted up my nose.

The one upside of the flumist is that it is thimerosal free if you are concerned about that since not all clinics have the single dose flu shots. One note is that thimerosal contains a different type of mercury, one that is passed quickly out of the body.
kay_kay75 replied to phoenix31674's response:
There are options for the shot without the Thimerosal, I know that our local Take Care Clinic offers it at the Walgreens in MO.
superfrappe replied to kay_kay75's response:
Great to know. Thanks!