Concerned about my toddler
laracegirl posted:
I have an 18mo old toddler girl. She's had her flu shot in the past week and was prescribed cyproheptadine for what her doctor said was a "stuffy nose" she supposedly had. (She never showed any symptoms of a stuffy nose). She started running a fever of 101 yesterday (I gave her baby tylenol as directed), and her fever came and went and she is STILL having a fever off and on (luckily its under 101, but still a fever nonetheless) and she had 2 bright green (like grass colored) bowel movements yesterday (and they smelled bad). She doesn't sleep too well, and cries off and on. She has also developed a rash of red bumps around her mouth, a few red bumps on her upper arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs and feet. I'm concerned that maybe the medication caused this or could she have some other problem (like chicken pox, mumps/measles, etc.)? Should I try to take her to her doctor (which would take ALL day) or should I just take her to the emergency room? I used the WebMD symptom checker and it listed ALOT of things that could cause all her symptoms. I just need advice. Thanks. (P.S. She is my 4th pregnancy, but 3rd child - had a miscarriage before her - and had my tubes tied after her.)
kay_kay75 responded:
Take her to the ER or urgent care, it sounds like an allergic reaction to me
laracegirl replied to kay_kay75's response:
Yeah, that's what I think I will do. Poor thing is so miserable and I don't want her to continue feeling so bad.