Cold relief
Anon_15888 posted:
Is it ok to give an almost 2 year old who weighs 30 pounds a half teaspoon of Triaminic cold and flu medicine at bed time to relieve some of the symptoms of a bad cold? I want to relieve some of my son's coughing and chest congestion so he can get a descent night's sleep and was told a half teaspoon was ok. I wouldn't give it to him during the day, just at night until he starts to feel better.
Anon_15888 responded:
Nevermind... I'm not going to use it. I just read online that some children experienced hillucinations. That was enough for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for an OTC medication to help relieve cough and congestion for 2 year olds?
sdadkin responded:
My son's pediatrician told us to give him plain robitussin last time he had a bad cold. I can't remember the dosage though. It seemed to help him a lot with his cough and congestion.
Anon_153966 replied to Anon_15888's response:
since they say not to give children under four any cold remedy. when my 3 year old had a cold last year we gave him Children's Triaminic, only half the dose. He didn't have any problems at all. But all cold remedies could give your child or even an adult hallucinations if you give too much. again, why they say not to medicate a child under 4. Ever heard of ROBOtripping? This could happen to anyone. but only if you abuse it.
seeit2 responded:
I mix honey with warm water and it does a nice job soothing a sore throat and coughing. It works surprisingly well.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
I know it's been a few days, but wanted to check in and see how he is doing.

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