6 year old recently started to poop his pants.
tuxmama posted:
My 6 year old son (soon to be 7) just recently started to poop his pants. There's nnothing unusual going on at home or school that we know of. It's been about 2 months now....and were going through lots of undies. He says he doesnt know why he's doing it...just that he cant make it on time. But, I'm pretty sure he's just side tracked and doesn't make the effort to get to the potty on time. Any suggestions on how to handle? It's getting quite frustrating. Thank you!
momuv4girls responded:
Here is a link to some information that may be helpful.

http://aacap.org/page.ww?name=Problems With Soiling and Bowel Control&section=Facts for Families

Take care,
tuxmama replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you very much for the info!