Abdominal pains
Mattsmom16 posted:
My 5(almost 6) yr old has recently been complaining of abdominal pains.

he doesn't have a fever and he's been eating and playing normally.

What can this be?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and Welcome Mattsmom16,

I am sorry to hear your son has been having pain. Since it is difficult to guess what is going on without an exam and more information, please contact your pediatrician to have this evaluated.

This resource may also be helpful - Abdominal Pain

How long has he been having pain? Is it localized or can he point to specific place on his stomach? Can you tie it into anything he eats, when he eats or has to go to the bathroom?

Please keep us posted and let us know what you find out,
Mattsmom16 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Someone suggested he has a "sluggish gut" as he feels better after he poops. How can I regulate his so he doesn't get this? Does this go away as he gets older?