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12 Year Old with Ovarian Cysts
Raynewriter posted:
For several months now, my 12 year old daughter has been undergoing tests to determine the cause of severe abdominal pain which she says starts at her belly button on down. The pain is accompanied by cold sweats, headache, trembling. There may or may not be a bowel movement. She is an athlete (5'7" - 150 lbs). The attacks often happen during activity, but also during rest and on occasion during sleep. They can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. She started menstruating July 2008 but only had one "normal" cycle. Since then, she spots occasionally, but has never had another true cycle. A pediatric gastroenterologist performed an upper GI with normal results. He prescribed Hyomax-SL and Nexium. The attacks continued. He performed abdominal ultrasound. Results normal. He suggested we see an GYN who performed a pelvic exam and pelvic ultrasound and found several cysts on the ovaries. GYN has suggested birth control for three months. I am not convinced that the cysts are the cause of her abdominal pain. Should I insist on a colonoscopy to rule out a gastro problem?
pal2121 responded:
I'm sorry to hear what a hard time she is having. I have what is called Policystic ovaries, which just basically means I get alot of cysts. These cysts can be extremely painfully, depending on how big they are. Sometimes I would have minor abdominal pain, other times the pain would shoot up into my shoulder blades and basically bring me to my knees. The best treatment is taking oral birth control. It helps the cysts cycle off and helps prevent them from returning. I suffered with cysts until after I had children. Since giving birth the cysts have not returned. Speaking from personal experience, whatever the cause of her cysts, a short round of birth control won't hurt her but it should make the cysts go away. Isn't it worth a try to keep your daughter from suffering in pain? Good luck.
Raynewriter responded:
Thanks for your reply. Actually, we are following the GYN's orders and she is taking a low-dose birth control. From my research, ovarian cysts are not uncommon in girls her age since their menstrual cycles are typically not regular thus causing the cysts. However, most cysts cause no pain at all, and most go undetected. I do realize that she may not be in the "majority" and indeed these cysts may be causing the abdominal attacks, but I think a colonoscopy would rule out any digestive disorders and allow us to focus strictly on the ovarian cysts. Again...I appreciate you sharing this valuable information with us! :grin:
pal2121 responded:
I always try and go with my gut feeling, so I would ask the doctor about doing the test. Good luck.

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