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Baby NOT drinking formula after midnight...Please Help!
ghettokool posted:
I have a 3.5 month old baby girl and she is not drinking her formula at night. We (my wife and/or I) feed her every three hours with 4oz, just these past couple of days she does not want to drink her formula after midnight, we tried to feed her but she just want to go to back to sleep. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
fcl responded:
Stop insisting. Let her sleep through the night. At her age we had cut out all feeds after 9pm and before 7am. Lol - at least she is making it easy for you
kay_kay75 responded:
Let her sleep, at that age they generally do not need to eat over night and if you keep insisting it will just be harder when she gets older. Let her sleep and eat on demand. Her body will not allow herself to starve, she will cry for you if she needs that middle of the night feeding.
Good Luck!
Roy Benaroch, MD replied to fcl's response:
Kaykay, FCL, couldn't agree more!
ghettokool replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
Thank you very much for your advices Kaykay, FCL and Dr. Benaroch!