How Do You Teach Respect?
Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP posted:
How do you teach your children to respect you, other adults, and their teachers? And what about showing respect for themselves? In today's informal society many children address adults by their first names. And some parents try much too hard to be their children's friends. Some tips I suggest for fostering respectfulness in your child include:

1. Model respect. Children watch every move you make. So demonstrate respectfulness to everyone you see. That means everyone: your spouse, your parents, your child's teacher, your neighbors, the cashier at the grocery counter, and the mailman.

2. Respect your child so that he can respect himself. Use kind words to address him, no matter how upset you may be. You can correct and discipline without criticizing, degrading, or belittling.

3. Discuss respect. Use storylines from books and TV shows as teaching opportunities. Admire others who are respectful and acknowledge acts of respect that you see in the community.

4. Consistently carry out the consequence for showing a lack of respect. If your child is disrespectful to you, friends, or a teacher, enforce the consequences. Don't be afraid to set rules and impose them in your home.

5. Praise your child's respectfulness. Compliment her when she is respectful. When you catch her being respectful, let her know how much you appreciate her behavior. Use kind words, hugs, or even small tokens of appreciation to show her just how proud of her you are.

How do you draw healthy boundaries and teach your children to be respectful to others?