keeping a child away from the other parent
Anon_231065 posted:
am dating a guy, who is a great guy and great father. he has two children by two different women. his first child he gets to pick up every weekend because he works during the week the child loves him to death and my guy goes to great lengths to give him the world. the other child who is 4 going on 5 he does not get to see and does not know who he is because the mother has kept him away from him. He pays does pay child support for both of his children and does not complain like other dead beats. the child does not know who he is and the mother is married to another guy that is in the child life who is (his father as far as the child knows) she has not tried to stay in contact with him. He has tried to get in contact with the mother and she does not respond he has gone as far as social media and talking to a relative but he has not took the legal route because he feels the mother should come to her senses and do the right thing and let him know who his real father is. the only thing he know is that the mother was going to wait and get the boy in consuling before she lets him see his real father. I am not a parent so i would like to get some feedback from parents on how they would handle this situation.......
kay_kay75 responded:
Your guy needs to go the legal route, he deserves to see his child and the child deserves to know who his real father is. The longer he waits the harder this is going to be on the child in the end of it all.