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New mom to be, circumcision decision
An_245207 posted:
I am going to be a new mom come september. My husband and I are having a baby boy. We are both very excited. I feel as if I should start out by saying this is his second child and yes his first son is circumcised. My husband is not as he was not born in this country. Where he is from it is not common practice. this may be why I am more used to the idea of not having it done. I really do not want to circumcise my son. I feel it is an ancient barbaric practice. I have done a lot of reading on the pros and cons and I am still against it. I wanted to hear other peoples opinions and maybe stories of how other moms have made this decision. All would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
fcl responded:
If it ain't broke, why fix it?

This subject was recently discussed on another exchange. You'll find it here:
kay_kay75 responded:
I say don't do it, when I was first pregnant before we knew we were having a girl, my husband and I talked about it (he is circumsized) but we decided to not circ if we had a boy since I agree with you there is no need for it and why put them through the pain, if they decide to do it later in life they can make that decision.
fiannakyn replied to kay_kay75's response:
you cant even make the argument of "what will the other boys say in the locker room?" When we were born, yes it was a LOT more common to have it done, but babies born today are swinging the other way. Last I heard, the stats were that about 1/2 are cerc, so in a locker room of 6 boys- 2 others will probably have the same as your son, either way. And I can see the rates even going futher in the future. most insurance companies no longer cover cerc, and most Medicaid states don't either.

There really is no medical reason to have it done. they thought it increased cleanliness and lessened infections, but that has been debunked now (or our overall cleanliness has increased)

So really it's back to the personal choice or religious.

My son is not, even though DH is. he was born under the coverage of Medicaid so of course they wouldn't pay for it, and my personal insurance would only cover 50% for it to be done.(We adopted him so thats why he was under Medicaid at birth) Why spend $300 to have something done that there is no reason to have done?
lg2011 replied to fiannakyn's response:
Thank you all so much for your responses. I have done a lot of reading the last few days about it which has just convinced me more not to do it. I didn't even think about the insurance aspect of it. Although my husband wants me to change my mind he will go with what I say haha. Thank you all for the support. Most of my friends are appalled that I will not be doing it. Oh well, it's not my fault they are less informed on the topic.

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