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Baby + Alcohol
An_245345 posted:
I have a raising suspicion the my twin girls are given alcohol for their afternoon nap. How can I tell or test if they have been given alcohol? My wife and I both work and they are cared for by my um... In laws. I love them but I don't even think my MIL knows either. My FIL is an alcoholic and ever since I heard he has been putting them down for afternoon naps I did get worried. What worried me even more was they where sleeping longer than usuall 1 hour nap. Now they are napping 2-2.5 hours. I'm I just paranoid. Either someone slap me straight or give me some advice to tell or test for alcohol in their system. Although at times I feel paranoids or thinking like this but I am their father and I feel that I should do whatever it takes to protect my kids. Even at the cost of me looking stupid online. Paranoidly Concerned
iceechic responded:
You are supposed to be concerned...thats what makes you a good parent... does your wife have these same suspicions? Have you talked to your wife about it? If you really think that is going on, you should be able to smell it on their breath, I would think thier urine might be darker since alcohol dehydrates, if the times from where thy nap to when you get them after work is too long, then what I would personally do is take a half a day off work, or a whole day, and just go to the inlaws shortly after they go down for thier nap, then go in and kiss them, you should be able to smell the alcohol even if they are sleeping, alcohol is hard to cover up. This is just what I would personally do. I really think you should discuss this with your wife though. And see what she thinks. Good luck please keep us updated!
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
You are right to be concerned-- if your spidey-sense is tingling, you need to look into this. Young children cannot tolerate even a small amount of alcohol. They don't have the metabolic reserves, and can end up dangerously hypoglycemic.

iceechic has a good idea for you to swing by. If you have any questions, bundle them up and go straight to the nearest emergency room to have an alcohol level drawn (a blood test.) This will either put your concerns to rest, or confirm that there is something seriously wrong going on.

Best of luck.

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