ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE : 9 year old son does not want to sleep in his room
An_245737 posted:
Hello, I have a 9 year old boy , about to turn 10 that does not want to sleep in his own room. He currently sleeps with his sister who is now 20 , in her room , on his own bed. However he is scared to sleep in a room alone. We are trying to put him in his own room again , but he says hes scared. I just want any tips to making him more comfortable to moving in to his own room , and what are the consequences in the long run , in means of character or personality build up for sharing a room for so long with his sister.
MiriRose responded:
Hi there, I'm sorry you haven't gotten any replies to your question. I haven't experienced this issue with my own children, but I was able to locate some information for parents that are dealing with "Nighttime Problems ." This website, TroubledWith, is sponsored by Focus on the Family (where I work). Focus has counselors that will speak with you over the phone for free, so you might want to consider getting in touch with one of them if you're unable to find any solutions. God bless you!