tmoeller2003 posted:
My son and daughter are having alot of problems with their fingernails. I initally took my daughter in a couple months ago for migraines that wouldnt stop. They told me they couldnt give her anything due to the fact she was only 7. Now she is still having migraines but, not as bad since they put her on premithozian and now her finger nails are falling off. I thought when the first one fell off that it was due to her bumping it or something come to find out that wasnt the case. Now she has another nail that is falling off from the base and its still attached to the fingertip. Shes complaining it hurts and it started bleeding yesterday. so i have been keeping bandaids on them so that she cant mess with it or it break off before its time. Now my son is 5 and his nails are peeling up from the base near the cuticle in layers. I have already called the doctor about this and we had taken him in over a month ago due to the fact that his skin was peeling off in sheets on his toes and balls of his feet and his finger tips. I am not sure what this is or how to take care of it but, im hoping that someone can help me. I dont think my kids have had hands feet and mouth this year at all. My son has had strep throat more than 4 times in the past year and i think he might have it agian. Thanks for all you help.
kay_kay75 responded:
You need to have a full blood panel done on your children, they need to test for poisons as well and toxins, it sounds like there is something going on with a toxin either in the air or water or somewhere in their environment. I would definatly push this with the doctor because loosing your nails like that is not normal nor is it healthy. I would do this asap like tomorrow if you can. This is imperitive. I would also possibly have a water study done in your home and testing for lead paint and asbestos.

If you can switch to bottled water, either in the small bottles or get a Culligan system or something to help control that as well. Just a few suggestions
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi tmoeller2003 -

Wanted to check in to see if you have been able to find out any additional information. Have they had an blood work?

Use our Drugs and Medication Center to look up side effects and reviews for the med your daughter is taking.

Please keep us posted. Hoping you find answers soon.

tmoeller2003 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Yes they went to the doctor right after i posted this and found out that they had a vitamin d defiency so now they are on multi vitamins and doing alot better.
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Thanks for checking back in! Good to know you found answers.

Here is a little more information -
Child Vitamin D Deficiencies - Video
Vitamin D Deficiency

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