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help me grow
imonimom posted:
I'm a 24 yr old woman first time mom for 8mo and I want my body to grow more, I'm 5'7 and has lwys been 150lbs I gained 10lbs after my dauughter but thats still isn't enough for me I look like a teenager still does anyone has any tips in helping me reach another growth spurt?
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
If you're asking about height: you will not grow taller, and there is nothing that will make you grow taller. At 24, you are "done." The growth plates in your bones have sealed, and will never grow again.

If you're asking about gaining weight, that's usually not difficult for people to do. I suggest you not do that by eating a lot of junk food, but rather by spending time in the gym doing resistance training to increase lean muscle mass. Work with a trainer so you don't get hurt.

Best of luck!