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    Includes Expert Content
    Toddler with Disorder? Dont know what exactly.
    Abigail_rawr posted:
    I am the mother of an 18 month old girl. She is very intelligent and doctors have told me she is advanced in her developement but behaviorally, I sense something is wrong. I have made a list of things that I find odd, or things that could be related to different disorders and i was looking for some insight. She is normally well behaved and very loving and responsive. I am not leaning towards autism on this for that reason but I dont know everything either.

    Doesn't like hands touched
    Doesn't like food of slimy textures
    Doesn't like paint texture gooey things etc.
    Doesn't like anything of new texture and becomes upset if you are too pushy for her to try something (sandbox, new foods, pool, etc.)
    Distressed during baths (sometimes inconsolible, I have even tried taking baths with her, and for months when she was younger she wouldnt enter the bathroom without screaming. Now I have a new house and she is still uneasy)
    Distressed with splashing or spraying
    Very distressed if restrained in any way
    Distressed during diaper changes
    Doesn't like changing tables or being up high
    Sleeps as long as you will let her/ sometimes sleeps 12-14 hours straight and still wants a nap
    Requires constant stimulation by TV, music, car rides, excessive physical play
    Hold specific objects in hands for hours at a time and becomes upset when you take them or she misplaces one
    Would rather destroy than build (with blocks or anything she can throw to make loud noises and messes)
    Gets distracted very easily
    Moves from one toy to the next without really playing with anything
    Chews and sucks on everything
    Gets very jealous of other children/animals
    Will not be gentle with children/animals
    Only wants to be held or touched on her own terms
    Laughs when I cry or fake crying
    Laughs when disciplined
    Laughs when using 'serious voice'
    Makes noises and makes up words that she repeats without relevance or for no reason
    Constantly moving and needing attention
    Gets anxious in new places (is fine if you are holding her and standing up)
    Uncomfortable if face being touched
    Will not eat from anyone's hand or utensils
    Distressed when brushing teeth
    Distressed when touching mouth at all
    Randomly inconsolable, crying for hours at a time (only once in a while)
    Also she has started hitting, and she isnt doing it to be mean, she just doesnt understand that it is hurting them

    Any advice or ideas would be helpful
    I do not need parenting advice so much on the hitting/throwing as much as i need medical advice. And she is not lacking attention. I am with her 24/7 most of the time and play with her and teach her things constantly. She does talk very well and identifies colors and objects. I have a feeling it could be some kind of anxiety disorder, ADHD, Sensory disorder, or something of that nature.
    Thanks for any help.
    Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
    Have you discussed this with her medical doctor? You should certainly start there. A further referral to a pediatric neurologist or pediatric developmental specialist may well be needed.

    Best of luck-
    Abigail_rawr replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    She has an appointment coming up. I was Just looking for some hints that could help me take her to the right person if needed. I wasnt sure if I should talk to her regular doctor about it or a child therapist of some kind.

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