Swimming Lessons - Has your child had swimming lessons?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Summer has arrived and just about the only way to keep cool is in the water!

Has your child had swimming lessons?
In a group? Individual? ISR? At what age did they begin? How are they swimming now?

We were at a 4th of July pool party with 11 kids. I heard a great rule I will be sure to repeat - "No touching each other in the pool". This prevented the incidental "hold unders and pull unders". After a few reminders they were even doing a better job looking before they jumped in.

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baby1at35 responded:
Yes we have had swimming lessons since age 4. They are 6 and 7 yrs now. My 6 yr old just now finally is able to swim unassisted! I am so happy.
Swimming to me is a life skill and we do take lessons year around. I think after this session we will take a small break as they are tending to feel burned out by it and I do not want that.
But after this session break we will start again.
There have been a lot of swimming accidents on the news lately and it scares me so I want my boys to swim really well. I also am not comfortable with swimming parties yet when I am not there.
In pools we are not familiar with I have them wear swim vests until we become familiar.
I have lots of safety rules for swimming.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to baby1at35's response:
Hi Baby1at35 -

I like "swimming to is a life skill..." It is scary to hear about all the accidents and drownings.

My daughter began lessons at age 2. I was raised on the water and we also have a pool. As a toddler anytime she was outside at my parents house she would have to wear her "boat coat". The first year there was much protest as she got older she would ask to put her boat coat on.