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Getting a urine sample from unpotty trained 5 year old...HELP!
Anon_183567 posted:
My 5 year old daughter has severe mental retardation (mental capacity of 9 months -1 year old) and is not potty trained. Recently an issue came up and her pediatrician wanted to check her for diabetes.She had the blood work and a UA of her urine. Since she is not potty trained the doctor's office gave me a Pediatric Urine Collector. Putting it on was a pain, the stick part didn't stick and seems way too small for my 5 year old daughter (who is not overweight or overly tall - average weight/height). It was also traumitc for her just putting it on. Then I tried setting her on the toilet seat but after one hour nothing and she screamed the whole time. To get the sample, I just stood her up in our bathroom with the cup and waitied for hours with her, then caught the urine in the cup as she peed.The blood work came out fine, but the urine sample showed my daughter has a UTI and pretty bad. The pediatrician put her on an antibiotic last Friday (7/6/12). The doctor wants another urine sample to check if the UTI is getting better or worse or the same.

I tried getting a urine sample from her the same way I did this time but now I'm not getting much urine from her at all. Some will drip out but not a lot for a urine sample. I'm giving her plenty of fluids to incourage urine flow but not much comes out. Not sure if she's holding it (doubtful because of her mental capacity) or if its the UTI making it difficult/ causing pain when she urinates. Either way its incredibly difficult the second time around to get a sample. Can some one please give me suggestions on how to get a urine sample from my daughter that's not so traumatic for her. Doubtful the insurance will approve a catheter because she would need to be sedated in order for them to properly apply the cath. HELP!!!
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
That is difficult. Those baggie things really are for little babies-- I've never seen them sized for older kids. I imagine it might be possible to kind of rig one up that's close enough, but it won't fit quite right and most the urine will probably miss. It's also very, very likely to be contaminated because of the poor fit.

A cath can (and sometimes is) done without sedation, but it's rough on a 5 year old girl, especially one who can't understand what's going on.

I think your "clean catch" method is probably the way to go. Maybe standing in warmish water will help speed things along?

Certainly you should be talking w/ the pediatrician about their ideas, too. When circumstances are difficult sometimes creative solutions are needed!

Best of luck!

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