my 4 year old has never ate solids and they blame me
tjsmommy08 posted:
My 4 year old has never ate solids and gags and vomits anything textured, they have ran tests, and tried forcing him to eat. it breaks my heart they blame it on me. Ive tried everything. todays dr visit i was bashed as a parent once again they wont listen to me when i mention senories or texture issues
lenono97 responded:
Time to find a new doctor. Period. Have your son evaluated by "early intervention" and/or a speech therapist in your area.
tjsmommy08 replied to lenono97's response:
this is the 4th Dr with no results, Im taking it into my own hands and when i get to childrens mercy for his scope im gonna demand occupational therapy. how do you cut out entirely a childs source of nutrition and say eat this or starve. thats what they all tell me to do. ive had enough of it and i think they all need to find a new profession, hes obviously not going to outgrow this..they all say its alarming im allowing him to control me. maybe i need to send them here and see it is not just my child.