Problem or not?
my3babies1st posted:
My middle guy just turned 4. He was colicky as a baby and so has never been a great sleeper. He still at times will wake up in the middle of the night. Most times, now that he's old enough to tell us, he says his knees hurt. Tylenol helps and he has me rub his legs. Any ideas what this could be? It has been going on for years and probably a couple times a week. I know it sounds like growing pains, but is is 3 foot 4 in, 35 pounds. Just a little guy. As often as these pains occur, you would think he would be super tall. Sometimes it is both knees, sometimes only one.
Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi my3babies1st -

Poor little guy, does he complain of pain at any other times or only at night?

Since you mentioned growing pains, check out this link to see if it sounds familiar - Growing Pains

Please be sure to have this evaluated by his doctor to rule out other causes of his pain and let us know what you find out.