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Mom needs advice on teenage marijuana use
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Over on our Parenting: Preteens & Teenagers Community a mom needs advice on how to handle her teenagers. She found out they are smoking pot.

Any advice you can share?

Teenage Drug Use

Katattack7 responded:
Find a cop who is a friend, and get that cop to scare the hell out of them. Maybe even let them spend a "supervised" night in jail. Extreme situations call for extreme measures. You can't just give time out in the corner for a situation like this.
Roy Benaroch, MD replied to Katattack7's response:
Katattack's suggestion may help, tho it may not be practical.

I wrote this elsewhere about talking with teens. It's not specifically about substance abuse, but I think it still applies to this problem. Talking about issues with teens isn't easy, and some parents tell me that sometimes they feel like they're just speaking a foreign language. I wrote this to help parents at least start a conversation in a way that will keep communication open: