Who to take care of the kids if something happens to you?
nganb posted:
I have an issue that many people don't want to deal with but needs to.

I have two small kids, 7 and 5. I need to do my will/living trust, but I cannot find anyone I trust to leave the kids with in case something happens to me and my hubby.

We don't trust any of our family members (he side or my side). They are either too emotionally and financially unstable. Or they may be responsible enough, but we fear they would blow thru the insurance money (not financially stable enough). Or they are not mature enough to take care of kids. Finally, some family members and close friends are not able to take on two extra kids.

What do we do in this case? The only thing we can do is pray one of us is alive until the kids are in college to avoid this dilemna.

It sucks that we don't have normal family members to depend on.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi nganb and Welcome -

Thanks for posting such a great question. You are correct this is something we do not want to think about but need to.

Do you have a close friend you would consider?

You may be interested in this article, Ten Things to Think About: Choosing a Guardian for Your Child .

Has anyone prepared for this?