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Not Immune to MMR, even though had Mumps & MMR Vaccine
Anon_170430 posted:
I am so confused. My pediatrician's office has been closed for years. I am returning to school full-time for my MBA and thus must show proof of MMR vaccination or immunity. Since I do not have my vaccination records, I just had MMR titers. Results came in: I have no immunity to measles, mumps or rubella? And, to make things even stranger, me and all 5 of my brothers as children contracted mumps. How can this be? I was born in 1969, and NJ requires all children to be vaccinated before entering school. And I know I was vaccinated against all because I remember my mom's old vaccination records for me and my brothers listing all of our vaccinations and when we were vaccinated. What makes me nervous is that me and all of my brothers had the MMR vaccine, yet still got the mumps. Even scarier, I'm showing no immunity of to Mumps even after the mumps and the MMR vaccine. Is this even possible??
njvegetarian responded:
Forgot to add above to my MMR post: is it possible that the vaccine doesn't work in my family? Is it possible that mine - and my brothers' - children and future children may not be able to develop an immunity to MMR. Should my brothers' and all of our children receive MMR titer testing to see if it's not just me who hasn't developed an immunity?
Roy Benaroch, MD replied to njvegetarian's response:
About 15% of people do not develop antibody titers to one or more of the components of MMR after a single dose. After two doses, about 2% will still not have positive titers. Though that doesn't sound very high, in a busy city with a lot of people, it means there is a significant quantity of people who are not immune. That's why it's so important for everyone to get these vaccines-- it not only protects you, but it protects the people who don't respond to the vaccine, plus the people too young to get the vaccine, plus the people who for medical reasons can't be safely vaccinated.

For many years, rates of vaccination were so high that Measles, Mumps, and Rubella were essentially unseen in the United States and most of the developed world. Thanks to the lies and fear-mongering of the antivaccine crowd, the world is no longer as safe even for those of us who are vaccinated.

After natural infection, most (but not all) people develop high antibody titers to these diseases. But even natural infection isn't 100% protective.

Non-reactions to vaccines do not run in families. There really isn't any reason to test other people in your family for these titers. Instead, make sure that you and your family receive TWO documented doses of MMR. It may be that you never got that vaccine as a child, or that a different product (not containing all 3) was used, or that it was stored improperly, or that you are one of the unlucky ones who won't respond to this vaccine.

Best of luck!
njvegetarian replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
Thanks, Dr. Benaroch! This is very helpful. Regarding my family, though, the reason I was thinking that at least my brothers should get checked is because we all were innoculated with MMR at different times because we are years apart from one another. Yet, we all got the mumps in 1977. The 2nd to youngest brother got it from a classmate and then we all got it from our brother. I can see a faulty batch if we all were innoculated at the same time, but we were all innoculated as required to enter school. Also, me and my 2nd to youngest brother had the same pediatrician, but our 3 oldest brothers were vaccinated had a different pediatrician in a different part of the state. It's just seems so strange.
Safflowerchick replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
I have had this shot 4 times now, and I still have NO antibodies.. any clue why??
ashley128 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
I have had this vaccine 5 times. And it still does not appear on titer. My mom, sister, grandmother, and my 7 year old son are the same (my mom actually had the mumps as well). Any time our blood is drawn and they do a full blood test they come back and say we have never had the mmr vaccine. I always thought it was genetic.
kathesue replied to ashley128's response:
That is very interesting! I wonder how many vaccinated people don't actually have titers--and therefore, do not have immunity.
labcitygurl responded:
I am one of those that the vaccine does not work for. I had my babies in my 20's and before each one (there's 4 of them) my blood test results would come back not immune to rubella. So I would get a vaccine. I had three in a period of 4 years and I am still not immune. And now I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which I believe is because of all the vaccines. I looked at the label for the mmr vaccine and arthritis is one of the side effects of the drug. I would caution anyone getting this vaccine to do your research first.

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