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Non-displaced frontal/pairetal skull fracture/ hematoma
tracey_72786 posted:
Last Tuesday my 21 month old fell down and hit her head on the concrete. I immediately started looking to concussion like symptoms. None showed for days. Now it is almost a week later and my husband found a squishy fluid filled pocket on her head. We immediately took her to our local children's hospital. Although she never showed any symptoms or any signs to show that something was wrong, They X-rayed and CT Scanned her head and found that it was a non-displaced frontal-pairetal skull fracture and hematoma. Luckily, we were told that because it was non-displaced it would not effect her brain. Also, the swelling was on the outside of the skull which is why she did not have a concussion. While being discharged, I did not feel like the hospital was conclusive on giving us final information. I had to ask about a limited activity level, medications, or signs to look for. I was told that she didnt need limited activity, just to watch her closely to make sure that she did not fall again, or watch for sleepiness and vomiting, etc. I am looking to find out if there is anything else I should know about this diagnosis. I do not want something horrible to happen to my child like hospitialization or even death. Please assist me. Thank You, concerned mom.
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
It's been almost a week, and there are no symptoms-- that's the best predictor that she'll be fine. In the vast majority of cases, symptoms associated with serious head trauma begin immediately at the time of trauma, or within several hours. This far out, it's very unlikely that any kind of serious problem will develop.

I do suggest you visit with your pediatrician for follow-up, to answer your questions and also confirm that she has no problems.

Best of luck!