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8-Year-Old who has never stopped peeing his pants or bed?
teresa2118 posted:
I have an 8-year-old son, my third and last child, who was potty trained at 3-years-old. He wore pull-ups to bed until he was 6/7 years old because he could not and still cannot wake up in the middle of the night to pee. He pees the bed just about every night. He pees in his pants during the day. Mostly because he does not stop what he is doing to go to the bathroom. I thought it might be medical but he has never peed in his pants at school, ever. I have used reward system, I have taken things away from him. I have tried restricting his drink intake as far as stopping drinks 2 hours before bedtime and going potty at least twice before bed. I have woken him up at night to try and go potty but he sleeps so deeply that he cannot wake up. I do not know what to do anymore. I need some help. This morning he was up at 6:30am, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth and as I was putting on his shoes to leave for school I noticed he had peed his pants! Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you so much.
crazycoyote responded:
My daughter is 7 and has never been able to not have accidents, except at night and when at school. I have taken her to an occupational therapist who thinks she has "sensory integration disorder," however, I'm not convinced this is the cause of her problems. My daughter gets very preoccupied and doesn't listen to her body when it is telling her she has to go potty. (In my opinion.) I have read several other online articles/posts that suggest it is most likely due to an immature colon or constipation. It is very hard to be sure and to be patient! Especially as in my case it doesn't seem to bother my daughter that she ruins clothes, furniture, outings, etc. and that it makes her parents so upset.
EverViglMom responded:
My son seems to bein the same boat. He is 8 1/2 years old. I wake him up twice through the night to go to the bathroom (I sleep walk him in). But he still pees the bead. He pees a little bit in his underware sometimes. But I think it is because he just doesn't want to stop what he is doing. He sits there and holds it in because he starts to do the pee wiggle dance. I ask him if he has to go and he says no and then will run to the bathroom 5 minutes later. I am really hoping that he outgrows this soon.
crazycoyote replied to EverViglMom's response:
I believe this is also a common problem in kids who have ADD when they are playing video/computer games. I feel like I should note that I have a friend who experienced the same thing with their son and it turned out that he had type 1 diabetes. If he is lethargic or looks drawn, especially, or if you have a history in your family, you'll probably want to talk to your doctor asap.

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