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Update and question--21 month old had a seizure
librarianmama posted:

We finally got her in to do her EEG and her EKG. She did remarkable well!! The hardest part was keeping her awake. The EEG was a sleep deprived test. I got the results yesterday and I wanted to ask you a question. The EEG was fine. One little blast right before she went to sleep, but the neurologist isn't worried about it. But we've got to follow-up with a cardiologist because her EKG showed activity in the right ventricular region that the doctor said could mean she has an enlarged right ventricle. We'll have to have more testing. Now, you know the first thing I did was google this. lol What I read sounds pretty bad. Please tell me what this means.

Thank you so much!
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
EKGs are tricky, and the machine reading very often overinterprets everything. You need to hear what a ped cardiologist says about that EKG. It may be nothing, it may be something. Just can't say until someone who really knows their stuff reads it.

Best of luck, let us know!