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Son Strange Vomiting
bhodges0712 posted:
Almost 2 weeks ago my son had a cold to where he was congested really bad. He got over than with no problem but now when he poops it's mucus. It's so bad that he has developed a diaper rash and his little hiney bleeds everyonce in a while. About a week ago every night for about 4 time he would throw up. He didn't have a fever or acted any different that normal. He would just throw up then go about his business. Now the last 3 morning he's been doing that but it smells aweful and is kind of redish. We haven't changed his diet nor has he got into anything. He wakes up only to throw up. He acts like he feels bad but then about an hour later he's fine. We took him to the ER yesterday morning because he would not stop. He was dry heaving and still doing it this morning. They only gave him something for nausea then sent us on our way. I'm worried and would like some kind of answers. What should I do about the diahhrea and weird vomiting?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi bhodges0712 -

We are so sorry to hear this has been going on.

How old is your son? Can he tell you if he has post nasal drip or he feels nauseous? Did the ER suggest you follow-up with his pediatrician?

Let us know and we will see what information or resources we have available.

bhodges712 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Sorry my son will be 2 the beginning of November. My husband and I just did an experiment when we didn't give him dairy products and he had no vomiting. He ate a little bit of cheese from our meal last night and has been puking all morning. I'm not sure if it's lactose intolerant or because he was recently sick and now has a sensative stomach. It's so sad watching him get weak.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to bhodges712's response:
Ah Ha! You may be on to something!

These resources may spark some questions to discuss with his doctor -

Could You Have Lactose Intolerance?
Kids and Lactose Intolerance - Video

Please keep us posted,

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